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Weird Fish ‘Famous For Fabrics’ which means they are constantly searching for interesting, innovative and different materials that look and feel fabulous. Weird Fish are now aiming to be ‘Famous for Sustainable Fabrics’.

With sustainability driving advances in textiles and fibres, they have been hard at work introducing an increasing number of sustainable fabrics to their range – some made from some very unlikely ingredients – not weird…just different.


EcoMac™ is a Weird Fish signature slow spun, cotton rich Macaroni™ fabric which has just got greener. The EcoMac™  formula is a blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural viscose.


EcoVero™ a more eco friendly reinterpretation of Viscose. This new sustainably certified fabric is derived from renewable wood pulp using eco-responsible production. When compared to conventional viscose production, EcoVero™ results in 50% fewer emissions and takes half as much energy and water.


Tencel fabrics are made from wood pulp from fast growing trees. The process that goes into making this more sustainable fabric has won Tencel a European Award for the Environment.

Sustainable fabrics Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester and Bamboo are also widely used.

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International orders from most countries are welcomed. Delivery is available all over the world”

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