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  1. Card title forms the url identifier for your card, e.g. Card Title :  ACME Ltd will have a url of 
  2. Dimensions – upload a card image file width x height ratio: 3.5:2 for Business Cards. For Flyers, Posters and other formats please advise Share My Card after submission for image assistance.
  3. Business Biography – up to 50 words make short descriptive statements about your offer including category or sector, unique selling points and locations covered.

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Terms And Conditions

Unless there is an individual agreement in place all content submitted by the user should be considered to be already in the public domain and that you have obtained authorization to use the images and names of brands or other individuals apart from yourself. Content may be removed if we receive objections or complaint.

A minimum subset of our terms and conditions include:

  • No illegal or fraudulent activity
  • No nudity, profanity or sexually explicit content
  • For commercial business use only
  • No slanderous, misrepresentation, offensive or what could be deemed ‘hate speech’ affecting any individual, group or organisation
  • No refund for content removed following a validated complaint
  • No hyperlinking to external sites beyond those submitted on your user account or as requested and validated through our admin
  • Refer to full Terms And Conditions 
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