We Are Nutrified

We Are Nutrified

‘harnessing without harming’

We Are Nutrified

‘harnessing without harming’

An eco-friendly brand that does the most – vegan, UK-made, palm-oil-free cruelty-free! We pride ourselves on our refillable supplements minimally packaged beauty. We are Nutrified look after your body, your mind and your world.

“Our ethos is harnessing without harming – we bring you the very best nutrients, created and packaged sustainability so you can protect your health whilst protecting our planet.

For years, the supplement and wellness industry has taken on a single-use, ‘take, make and throw away’ mentality, whereas We are Nutrified champions a ‘Recycle, Refill, Repeat’ mantra. ♻

We have created a line of supplements delivered in compostable kraft pouches, that are used to refill an amber We are Nutrified jar creating a sustainable and zero-waste wellness solution. Gone are the days when we threw away excessive single-use plastic waste and repeatedly pay for expensive single-use packaging. What’s more, our 100% vegan capsules come with 3 months’ worth of your daily dose thus reducing delivery emissions. If that isn’t enough all our capsules contain 100% plant-based excipients.

Furthermore, We are Nutrified believe in wellness from the inside to the outside.

We have created a unique range of 100% natural beauty including;
  • clay masks,
  • anti-ageing oils,
  • lash & brow oils,
  • and hair care.

  • The beauty range is entirely cruelty-free, vegan, palm-oil free and minimally packaged.”

    We are Nutrified was created by a Nutritionist and a veteran of the supplement industry. She has seen plastic used as the predominant packaging option for many years and was inspired to create something different, spearheading the change in this industry. Now, you have a chance to be part of this too. To learn more about the Nutrified story, and their goals for the future read here- https://wearenutrified.co.uk/our-story







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“We Are Nutrified”