TENWAYS are a group of cycle enthusiasts and experts in the bike trade. We share an obsession for building a greener and more sustainable world together through a community of e-bikers. We have experienced that magical, carefree feeling you get from the ride. We can now channel this into our efforts to make the daily commute both effortless and fun for everyone. TENWAYS are committed to providing our customers with more choice – with a wide range of solutions for urban travel.


  • Over 20-years industrial experience in the bike trade

  • A strong, high-efficiency global supply chain network

  • Our e-bikes have a 0 learning curve for city commuters

  • Affordable price
  • .


    E-Bikers enjoy an exhilarating experience that is free from:
    • Delays,
    • Overcrowding,
    • Unpleasant weather,
    • Expensive transportation costs…

    Join us on an e-bike to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, become part of the sustainable movement, and unlock freedom on two wheels!


    TENWAYS CGO600 & CGO800S

    CGO600 – A sleek and agile e-bike that let you stand out from the crowd. Onlookers will never know the secrets behind the acceleration! • Integrated battery • Responsive sporty geometry • 15 kg light weight

    CGO800S – A comfortable step-through e-bike for daily commuting or urban exploration. Long rides will no longer feel exhausting. • Portable battery • Relaxed upright geometry • 19 kg net weight.

    Available in a choice of colours including: Sky Blue, Midnight Black, Lime Green, Pebble Grey and Artic Blue.

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    TENWAYS is an international company headquartered in the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

    In Europe we deliver within the European Union (except for Malta and Cyprus), the UK, Norway, and Switzerland.

    In North America, we deliver to the United States.

    Website: https://tidd.ly/3O2BdsZ
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