Oliver Co London

Oliver Co London

Premium Vegan Wallets & Accessories

Oliver Company London

Responsibly made items that become an extension of who you are.

Based in Bermondsey, South London, Oliver Co is a Certified B Corp™ dedicated to connecting the latest in material technology with an endless obsession for detail. Oliver Co are focused on their personal responsibility to create products that support environmental and social change. Working closely with a family run factory in Istanbul they are producing alternative to animal leather products that still look and perform at the highest level.

Founder Matt Oliver

Matt Oliver has spent years working and designing for luxury watch and accessories brands. That was before discovering bio-materials and their potential to transform an industry. In order to be a part of this change he knew he had to explore a gap he’d identified in a market that was lacking in desirability. He set out to build a brand that would consider the full product lifecycle – everything from design to impact, and make a concerted push towards a circular future.

Initially producing wallets from a leather alternative made using apple waste which were sold them to friends and family, he went on to form the company that we now know as Oliver Company London – or Oliver Co. – a Certified B Corp™.


Apple Leather
Apple leather, also known as a vegan leather made from apples, is a sustainable and innovative alternative to traditional animal leather. It is primarily composed of apple pomace, a byproduct of apple juice and cider production, along with other natural materials and polymers. Here are some key points about apple leather:

Sustainability: One of the main advantages of apple leather is its eco-friendliness. By utilizing apple pomace, which would otherwise be discarded as waste, this material helps reduce the environmental impact of apple processing while also minimizing the need for traditional leather production, which involves raising livestock.

Animal-Friendly: Apple leather is a cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather, making it appealing to individuals who avoid animal products for ethical reasons.

Quality and Durability: Apple leather can be designed to mimic the look and feel of genuine leather, offering a similar texture and durability. However, its quality may vary depending on the manufacturing process and the specific blend of materials used.

Apple leather presents a promising alternative to traditional leather, offering consumers a sustainable, animal-friendly option without compromising on quality or style.

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