North London Notary Public
Dr Abess Taqi – North London Notary Public providing expert professional notarial services to individuals and businesses operating around the world. Dedicated to playing an integral role in the global legal market, international commerce and personal transactions. I am also a Practicing Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths.

I am the Director at Virgo Solicitors Limited. My practice as a Notary Public is entirely separate from the solicitors’ practice of Virgo Solicitors Limited although I do my work at the same offices.

If you need a Notary in Greater London, I am here to help. Whatever your document, if it needs to be notarised, or signed in front of a Notary, please contact me and I should be able to assist you.

I will be able to assist you in any of the following matters:

    1. Signing a power of attorney in the presence of a notary public;

    2. Signing a document that is a deed in front of a notary;

    3. Certification of Copy Documents;

    4. Signing an acknowledgment in front of a notary public;

    5. Administering statutory declarations, oaths and affidavits;

    6. Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (sometimes called ‘obtaining an ‘apostille’) and for consular legalisation when necessary from the relevant embassy/consulate;

    7. Certifying copies of academic qualifications, passports and other documents;

    8. Deed Polls/Change of Name;

    9. Documents for foreign adoption applications;

    10. Certifying documents relating to companies registered at Companies House or in foreign commercial registers;

    11. Have a translation certified by a Notary;

    12. Sponsorship documents;

    13. Affidavits confirming freedom to marry;

    14. Any other documents for abroad, which require a notary stamp