K9 Cover Pet Insurance

K9 Cover Pet Insurance

Specialist Insurance For Dogs
Having launched in 2021 K9 Cover has become an authority in the impaired pet insurance space.

What does ‘impaired pet’ mean?

As humans, we’ve become familiar with declaring any pre-existing medical conditions when buying travel insurance. It doesn’t mean we’re ill, it just allows the insurer to calculate whether we’re a higher risk than someone without conditions. They’re probably the most likely cause of a potential medical claim whilst on holiday, so we wouldn’t feel comfortable if they weren’t insured.

Well, the opposite is how most pet insurers operate. Most exclude cover for any pre-existing conditions which occurred in the last 2 years or in the dog’s lifetime, and those that do cover them usually set a derisory vet fee limit. The trouble is, the vast majority of pets HAVE pre-existing conditions or injuries. The likelihood increases the older they become.

Around 30% of dogs in the UK are insured. That’s approximately 3 million. Of these, 70% have a policy which only covers pre-existing conditions if they remain with the existing insurer year after year. So unlike motor and home insurance you can’t switch provider without losing a huge chunk of cover. Insurers know this, and inflate renewal premiums accordingly.

K9 offers a solution to these frustrated dog owners. What sets us apart is that we’re able to cover most pre-existing conditions in full and up to the vet fee limit from day one. This includes many ongoing conditions, for example certain heart murmurs, epilepsy, and skin conditions. Using clever technology we’re able to score these and offer a policy which includes them.
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“K9 Cover Pet Insurance”
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