JBM Whole Beans 125g


JBM Number 1 WHOLE BEANS (£8.00 less than Whittards of Chelsea!)

JBM Whole Beans 125g

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Our smallest size of 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee sold online. 

Coffee beans are sourced from either the Wallenford or Mavis Bank Coffee Factory in Jamaica and shipped to the UK in wooden barrels via British Airways by the Coffee Industry Board in Jamaica.

We roast coffee in very small batches of 500 grams weekly – only roasting larger quantities to fulfill large single orders. This makes us very different to our competitors who are too huge to offer such a dedicated and meticulous service.

When you order coffee from us you will receive a copy of the paper work from the Jamaican Government that accompanies each barrels shipped on British Airways so you can be rest assured that the coffee is authentic. 

With Jamaica Coffee Trading Co you are getting the best coffee for the best price anywhere in the world.